The Moodie Davitt Report Interview

For ten years Stephen Cronk and his wife Jeany (full name Marie-Jeannette), had indulged in a “crazy idea”. In essence it ran like this. Abandon the security but constraints and frustrations of corporate life in England; jettison safe suburban life in Teddington, just outside London; move to the south of France and become a winemaker.

Martin Moodie

Mirabeau rosé was built in the off-trade rather than in line with traditional wisdom in the on-trade. We started off in retail.  Most people say build a brand in the on-trade but we thought, well, why, especially now with digital?” Cronk explains. “You can build in retail at the same time while building your brand presence in digital.

“The world’s changed a lot in the last ten years. And for us to get 94 points for a rosé wine in Wine & Spirits magazine – well that’s an exceptional score even for a red wine. It shows you how far the category has come and the role we play within that category.” [As we went to press, Decanter magazine had just awarded the 2021 Mirabeau Etoile a score of 96 points -Ed].

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