The Esquire Guide to Rosé Wine

It might be seen as frivolous and uncomplicated, but the best rosé wines deserve just as much kudos as white and red. To avoid making any embarrassing mistakes when faced with the wine list, we’ve enlisted our resident wine expert to explain what to look out for when choosing a bottle, when to drink it and how to serve — plus 12 bottles that are worth stocking up on.

Stacey Smith, Esquire

Mirabeau Pure Provence Rosé

75cl, 12.5% ABV

The freshest of the fresh (or purest of the pure, we should say), you’re safe with any of the Mirabeau range but this edition is crisp, clean, elegant and just perfect at the start of an evening.

Bone dry, you get fiendishly delicate flavours and racing acidity that is balanced to perfection. Enjoy on its own, with salty crisps or a piquant salad.

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