Glamour: the 3 drinks trends that are blowing up on TikTok

From contouring tips to genius cleaning hacks, TikTok is the Aladdin’s cave of useful information and trends. But as well as makeup, hair and household hacks, the social media platform is where the coolest food and drinks trends are born. Cloud bread, pesto eggs and vodka pasta were three of the biggest TikTok food trends of the year but what about trending drinks? From Vitamin D-infused water and spicy rosé to fashionable canned water, here are the three drinks trends you need to know about RN…

Glamour Magazine

Spicy rosé

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that spicy rosé was all anyone was drinking this summer but just because the weather is turning cooler doesn’t mean the trend shows any sign of abating, with TikTokkers touting it the ideal spicy festive drink to warm up with this winter.

Spicy rosé is super simple to make and involves adding a few slices of jalapeño pepper to your glass of rosé wine offset with a few ice cubes (check out TikTok user @allyssainthekitchen’s viral videos for inspo).  For those who love a kick to their wine, muddle the jalapeño slices in the bottom of the wine glass before topping off with rosé. Prefer a less spicy vibe? Remove some of the pepper seeds before putting them into the wine. 

We always, always reach for Mirabeau wine when making spicy rosé. Made in Provence (natch), Mirabeau’s award winning rosé wines have been crafted from some of the finest sun-drenched vineyards in the region, with excellent farming partners and bringing to bear their widely renowned blending skills. At Mirabeau, the focus is on creating delectable, dry pink wines, that are a perfect partner to a vast assortment of foods and are diverse enough to be served at any occasion – even with a hint of jalapeño pepper! Cheers to that!

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