Tasted 100% Blind review of Pure – Provence Rosé Wine

Andreas Larsson reviews our Pure rosé wine:

Rosé wine with a very pale colour, classically pale, just with a slight hint of onion skin. Good purity on the nose, good intensity on the nose as well; this is displaying a lot of richness and ripeness, but it still remains on the elegant side. I get stone fruity notes here, almost a tropical hint like fresh pineapple, but still with a well-kept acidity; some notes of citrus and grapefruit, and a slight floral element as well.

Very good bite on the palate. The first impression is freshness, and I think that this freshness comes partly from a well-preserved acidity; then that slight presence of tannins which you have in rosé wine I think gives a nice lift and a mouthwatering sensation on the palate, like some zesty notes of ripe citrus. In terms of volume and weight I think we’re rather medium-weight in terms of volume, but we have a good flavour intensity with a purity of fruit. What I like in this one as well is a very good persistence, it keeps lingering on the palate; so more of a rosé in a meticulously made gastronomic style. Very well-made.

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