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Pretty pale pink color with bright shades. Seductive notes of citrus, grapefruit and lychee. A fine wine for any occasion!

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Provence: a mythical region

Magnetic, bright, free and sensuous … Provence is a region that fascinates, both French and foreigners, attracted at all times by a timeless and yet constantly renewed art of living. The wines of Provence belong to the mythology of Provence. Like her, they cultivate a way of life that links beauty and pleasure, two ideas that, together, are the definition of charm.

The people of Provence love gastronomy and wine. Here, people know how to enjoy life. Restaurants by the sea often have large outdoor seating areas. People enjoy a fish soup from Marseille or a slice of pizza with onion sauce and anchovies, with a glass of Provence rosé. It’s a wonderful interpretation of the way of life in the south of France!

The vineyards in Provence are the oldest in France and have 2600 years of history in viticulture. A historical specialty of the region, rosé wine is intimately linked to the identity of Provence, of which it shares the same values of authenticity, sensibility and audacity. The quality of these wines have made Provence the world leader and reference for rosé wines.

Provence Rosés attract attention by their unique color, rich and fruity aromas (peach, yellow apricot, strawberry, raspberry, mango, grapefruit, lemon…), floral and spicy notes with a hint of minerality. These elegant and pleasant-drinking wines express fruity freshness, suppleness and roundness in the mouth and have a natural affinity with Chinese cuisine.