Rosé wine: everything you need to know

A long lunch of freshly grilled langoustines with a punchy mayonnaise, good bread and a bottle of rosé wine is one of my desert island meals, preferably overlooking the glittering Mediterranean with a sun bed to hand for afternoon snoozing. An impossible dream, this year at least, but rosé can still give us an instant, sunny lift wherever we find ourselves this summer.

Kate Hawkings, OLIVE

Wine expert Kate Hawkings shares why crisp, easy drinking rosé goes well with all manner of summer dishes, plus the best bottles to buy for Olive Magazine.

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Best rosé wines to try

Mirabeau Pure 2019 (£14.99; Waitrose, and

Pure by name and pure by nature, this is classic Provençal drinking. Delicate without being insipid, try it with Portuguese seafood rice.