Oracle Time reviews our Rosé Gin

Adrian Smith gets his hands on a bottle of our dry (London style) gin and shares his thoughts in the 59th edition of the luxury watch lifestyle magazine, Oracle Time.

“When it comes to rosé my top choice for quality and value is always Mirabeau, which made me pretty goddamn excited when it announced it was making a gin. While the base botanicals consist of juniper, citrus, orris root, angelica root and coriander, it’s the Provençal twist containing a variety of herbs such as bay, thyme and rosemary, alongside the neutral grape spirit and base distillate of Mirabeau Classic Rosé, that really makes this gin stand out from the crowd. The result is fruity and textured, with lemon, coriander and citrus bursting with floral notes, rose petals and lavender. The story ends on a final note as those herbs add an extra kick of character to the blend.”