Maison Mirabeau’s Vibrant Rosés

Rosé consumption has reached a fever pitch—and rightfully so, as there’s a beautiful ease to its modern elegance and a gentleness in the way it complements many meals. But with the surge in demand, there’s now a market flooded with options, and selecting the right one can become a bewildering process. Thankfully there is Mirabeau Wine


—now debuting in the US—and its two stunning rosé options: the Classic (2013) and the Pure, neither of which will break the bank. The former is a heartier, more gastronomic delight in the blend of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault grapes—delivering a deep salmon hue and a robust red fruit flavor. The latter, a Grenache, Syrah and Vermentino blend, gracefully incorporates florals, citrus and even white peach. It’s an ideal aperitif that holds up long into the night.

Mirabeau’s founder, Stephen Cronk, moved his family from London to Cotignac, France in 2009, with a view in mind to craft a rosé that truly reflected the sensations of the region. Cronk pulled together an expert team of winemakers and partnered with the finest vineyards, and Mirabeau turned out to be the ideal result. It was an actualization of a dream and that magnificence is evident. As rosé continues to win over fans, it will remain difficult to find one better at this price point.

Those in the UK and Germany can purchase Mirabeau’s rosé online, with same day delivery available in select locations. For residents of the US, Mirabeau sells online, with delivery in 39 states—where the Classic sells for $15 and the Pure for $22.