Maison Mirabeau founder Jeany Cronk – the story of a winemaker

Around 13 years ago, Jeany Cronk, who was born in Bavaria, moved to Provence with her husband Stephen from south-west London. Today they produce award-winning rosé wines with Maison Mirabeau and want to promote regenerative agriculture in viticulture. We speak to the Francophile.

Isabell Walter

In 2019, exactly ten years after moving to Provence, you finally bought your own winery. How did that happen? Having your own winery needs to be well thought out. The required capital is high and it takes a while to generate income. That’s why we initially positioned ourselves entrepreneurially with our brand, until we dared the new adventure with Domaine Mirabeau. In the end we looked at over 40 companies until we found the right one.

Where do you see your winery in the coming years? We want to become a model company for regenerative viticulture. Maison Mirabeau aims to become a voice in the discussion about nature conservation in viticulture. My husband, therefore, founded the Regenerative Viticulture Foundation, with which we work together with several large wine houses.

Excerpts taken from the full article: Maison Mirabeau-Gründerin Jeany Cronk: Die Geschichte einer Winzerin