London’s best wines and cocktails in cans

As anyone who’s been on a long train journey in this country knows, the tinnie is the definitive solution to travel ennui. And while we can’t drink in pubs and London’s parks are calling, the canned drink really is the answer to everything. We’ve done some digging and tasting for you to come up with a shopping list of some of the best tinned cocktails and wines in cans to stock up for this summer.

Catherine Hanly,

Prêt-a-Porter Canettes (Rosé in a Can)

The London family behind this brand did what so many of us would love to do, jacked in their day jobs and sold up to buy a vineyard and winery in Provence. Their wines have won numerous awards and this wine in a can is a cut above other tinnie roses.

Our Rosé-to-go Cans are available at Waitrose. View the full article online or in .pdf format