La vie en Rosé

Although their vast popularity is quite recent, rosé is probably the oldest known type of wine, as in early wine making (think Ancient Greece and Rome) both red and white wine grapes were often pressed soon after harvesting, with very little maceration time, creating a juice that was only lightly pigmented.

Julia Pasarón, I M Magazine

In this price range, I particularly like the Mirabeau rosé collection, which comprises five still and one sparkling wine with prices ranging from around £9.95 for the fruity Belle Année to £15.15 for the fresh and accomplished Azure.

Etoile (£15) is the haute gamme of the Mirabeau range. Its pale colour is accompanied by an expressive nose, revealing rich aromas of red berry, peach and pear, complemented by a delicate citrus note. Its minerality makes it pair particularly well with chicken. If what you are looking for is a good pairing with fish, for me Pure (£14.95) is my preferred option, an easy rosé, light and fragrant, with a nose that reveals citrus fruits and subtle summer berries.

The bestseller in the family is the multi-award winning Mirabeau Classic, the first wine produced by Jeany and Stephen Cronk in 2010. Its luminous pink colour announces lavish aromas of summer berries with a touch of acidity that makes it ideal to drink on its own on a lazy summer afternoon… and very affordable (£11.99).

For those who favour bubbles, their sparkling La Folie is crafted using the “Charmat Method” (like Prosecco), this is a charming and fragrant rosé fizz, with a delicate sparkle and a nose of small red berry fruits, fresh pink grapefruit notes and a hint of exotic pineapple. On the palate, wild strawberry and raspberry flavours balance citrus touches to deliver the signature of rosé wines for a very reasonable £14.95.

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