ICON.DE ‘Rosige Aussichten’

A sandy path lined with vines leads up to an apricot colored chateau from Napoleonic times. The slamming of the car door is the last loud noise before birdsong, cicadas and the hum of bumblebees in the lavender take over. A few steps away a pool glitters turquoise blue. It is Provence at its most beautiful and probably what one should understand when a dream comes true. Domaine Mirabeau is located in the nature reserve, north of the Gulf of St. Tropez. Co-founder Jeany Cronk is waiting in the house itself…

Jennifer Hinz, ICON

German magazine ICON shares stories and news from style, fashion, design and culture and recently shared their experience of their visit to Domaine Mirabeau, ‘Rosige Aussichten [Rosy Prospects]‘.