Evening Standard: Best Supermarket Wines

With so much choice on the supermarket shelves, it’s often quite hard to work out which of the wines on offer will be up your street. That’s where I come in. Each year I taste thousands of wines and spirits with a mission to highlight the best of the best. Since the beginning of the year, hundreds of the bottles I’ve tried have come from the country’s supermarkets – and many of them are worth your money.

Aidy Smith, Evening Standard

Waitrose:  Mirabeau Pure Rosé

Say hello to my go-to rosé. What I love about this winery is that they have a variety of different Provençal rosés at different price points, all of which serve a purpose. For me, this is the flagship, guaranteed to fill you with joy at each and every sip. An abundance of ripe strawberries burst from the glass with a bright and expressive splash of fruit. Raspberry, apricot, clementine and rhubarb all make their presence known. A harmonising balance of freshness and smooth vanilla texture glides into the finish. A must-try, no question.

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