Domaine Mirabeau. The sound of cicadas and pink skies at sunset

There is no doubt that a stay at the Domaine Mirabeau sets a new standard for traveling slow.
Why slow? Because time has a different scale in Provence. And that is worth it as you want to hold on to that moment while you are there.

Jasmin Khezri, Irma’s World

Stephen and Jeany Cronk were delighted to welcome Jasmin Khezri, successful illustrator, art director and publisher, to Domaine Mirabeau. Jasmin’s alter ego charachter ‘Irma’ encapsulates and brings to live the virtues of an artistic, independent, and modern woman – always ahead of her generation and always with a sparkle in her eyes.

“A stay at the Domaine Mirabeau may let you discover the raison d’etre in time like these.
A perfect place to spend a holiday with family and friends and to learn more about wine making, the ecosystem and farm life.”

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