Coop boosts rosé range as it expands Fairtrade offering

The Coop has expanded its range of rosé wines in the run up to summer, and is looking to convert all of its South American wines to Fairtrade over the next few years.

Arabella Mileham, Drinks Business

“We’ve been seeing the last few years is double digit growth on rosé, especially those drier styles, but th challenge we’ve had has been the supply out of California due to shipping delays, which is a challenge for the whole rosé sector,” he says. “But we’ve brought in some interesting, drier style – it’s not just Provence style, there are some interesting wines from Italy, Hungary, and South America.”

Cairns added that this also helped in response to the squeeze on household spending, by ensuring good quality and value at every price point.

“Provence style rosé is probably out of the price bracket that some people can spend – so what we’re tying to do is focus on the quality between £6-8£ in single bottles and even when you get into that sweet spot, there are some amazing well-made  wines at that price point,” Cairns explains. “And you don’t’ have to comprise those more sustainable principles – you can get some really good Fairtrade wine for example, organic or dry farmed wines, so it’s a bit more sustainable as well.”

New wines include a BDX Revolution cabernet franc rosé from made by one of Australia’s most respected and award winning winemakers, and the founder of Cloudy Bay, David Hohnen (RRP£8.50), four new Provence rosés including a Chateau du Rouet Provence rosé 2021 (RRP £8.50), and Mirabeau X rosé (RRP: £12) and Irresistible Solo Rosé (RRP £7.25), a pale-dry Spanish rosé hand-harvested from bush vine Garnacha, an Italian rosé from Bardolino,  Tommasi Rosé 2021 (RRP £10), a Fairtrade rosé from Salta in Argentina by Fincas las Moras (RRP: £7.25) and one from Stellenbosch, Welmoed Rosé 2021 (RRP: £7.00) and Babich Rosé, from Hawkes Bay (RRP: £9.00).

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