About Time: Top 10 Women to Watch in the Drinks Industry 2019

Women are taking the drinks industry by storm. From award-winning winemakers to one of the first women to ever get a beer sommelier qualification in the UK, here are the top 10 women to watch in the drinks industry 2019 …

Francesca Brooking, About Time

About Jeany Cronk

Her Story: Co-owner of the award-winning rosé brand Maison Mirabeau, Jeany Cronk, after years of dreaming and scheming with her husband, Stephen, left South London to embark on a winemaking venture in Provence. With three young children in tow, they leapt into the unknown with impressive results. Owing their success to their big ambitions to create a world-class rosé wine, and willing to challenge established wisdom, they founded Mirabeau in 2010. They embarked on the ultimate family adventure and created one of the world’s most loved brands of rosé, winning a multitude of prestigious industry awards along the way.  

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