6 Reasons Why Rosé Is The Perfect Christmas Wine

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to do that than indulging in some delicious wines. Now, there’s a certain stigma when it comes to rosé that it should only be enjoyed during the summer, but in actual fact this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Just like red and whites, rosé stretches the whole spectrum of flavour – from complexity to freshness and acidity to boldness, meaning there are so many wonderful ways it can be enjoyed.

If ever in doubt or faced with the argument ‘Can you drink rosé at Christmas?’ read on and be forever armed with the perfect reasons for ‘Yes!’

Rosé Goes Incredibly Well With Your Christmas Meal

While folks often gear towards that traditional Bordeaux or oaked Chardonnay for their Roast Turkey feast on Christmas Day, there’s a lot more choice out there that will allow for a heightened taste experience. The trouble with a heavily oaked red is that it can mask the delicate flavours of the food (such as the stuffing or bread sauce), where as a dry white wine can end up being too acidic or way too full-bodied and rich if oaked.

With so many expressions, rosé works wonderfully with all sorts of food, whether seafood, chicken, vegetables, steak or most importantly at this time of year, turkey.

You see, whether its subtle flavours from that juicy turkey breast or more robust textures and richer flavours from the gravy, pigs in blankets or salted goose fat roast potatoes, you’d be surprised at just how well a quality rosé can stand up to a Christmas feast. Thus, making it the perfect choice for that eagerly anticipated meal of the year.

It’s The Perfect Wine Gift

Whether total wine geek or someone who just appreciates a good ol’ glass of wine, rosé is always a safe bet when choosing a wine gift. With lighter varieties to more complex selections and even oaked and aged rosés especially in regions such as Provence, there’s a lot to get excited about. Unlike most red and white wines, great quality rosé often doesn’t come with an inflated price tag either.

It Makes The Perfect Christmas Meal Centrepiece

Have you ever seen a line of glimmering rosé bottles at the centre of the table on Christmas Day? It’s a truly wonderful sight to behold and makes for the perfect setting for some welcomed winter magic. Moments before the meal begins take your rosé bottles out of the fridge or wine cooler and place them in the centre of the table. Surround the bottles with some sprigs of holly and silver tinsel for decoration and you’ve got yourself an incredibly straightforward centrepiece that you can deconstruct and enjoy as the meal begins…talk about multi-use!

It’s Perfect For Every Christmas Day Situation

From the crack of dawn to the strike of midnight, there’s a rosé for every situation. Whether that cheeky early morning drink while opening gifts, a welcome tipple when the family arrive or as the main pairing of your Christmas meal, rosés have an exceptional ability to stand up to every occasion. It’s even the perfect pairing for your annual game of charades where everyone makes a complete fool of themselves. Hey, it is Christmas after all!

Rosé & Baby Jesus Have Something In Common

Whether it’s the food, tipples, spending time with family or the abundance of gifts that makes Christmas Day truly magical, if we get back to it’s real origins for minute it’s obviously the birth of Jesus Christ.

For that reason it seems pretty fitting that we’d celebrate such a day with ‘the origins of French wine’ too. What exactly are we getting at here? Well, around 26 centuries ago the Greeks founded a colony in Marseille. It was here that they planted France’s very first vineyards in Provence, making it the oldest wine-growing region in the whole of the country and the birth of the most famous wine-growing nation in the world.

So pour yourself a Provençal rosé this Christmas and raise a glass to baby Jesus.

Rosé Is Perfect For People Who ‘Don’t Like Wine’

We all have those friends who are adamant they don’t like wine, despite our constant pleas for them to try more until they find something they enjoy. With that said, we can put on our vino thinking hats and get a little creative. You see, another beautiful thing about rosé is that it has a perfect acidic and sweet balance, meaning with a little magic you can create some truly stunning rosé cocktails. Whether it’s gin or vodka, rum or tequila, there’s a huge variety of tasty treats you can find with a simple browse of the Internet. What’s more is that the festive colour of rosé makes it perfectly suitable for a Christmas cocktail and it keeps your friends happy too while allowing them to enjoy some great vino in a different form.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, check out these rosé cocktails to get started.