10 of the Best Rosés of 2020, to Keep Summer Going

Pretend it’s still sunny with these all-year-round rosés! Rosé may have a reputation as a fair-weather beverage, but there is no good reason why wine that just so happens to be pink can’t be drunk at any and all points of the year. From gently-hued Provençal-style rosés to accompany salads and lighter dishes, to brighter and spicier examples robust enough to stand up to richer, more flavourful foods, there is a rosé for every occasion. And here are some of our favourites, both still and sparkling.

Rachel Fellows, Esquire

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The freshest of the fresh (or pure, we should say), you’re safe with any one of the Mirabeau range but this edition is crisp, clean, elegant and just perfect to start an evening with. Bone dry, you get fiendishly delicate flavours and acidity that, whilst certainly there, is balanced to perfection so that you barely notice it. Enjoy on its own, with salty crisps or a piquant salad.

Rachel Fellows, Esquire

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