WINWSA’s 50 Most Influential Women in Wine and Spirits

“Women have gained ground in the competitive wine and spirits world in a year that’s still marked by the pandemic, and the list has expanded to reflect the diversity of female talents working in different sectors of today’s alcoholic beverage industry.”

WINWSA just announced their 50 List of Influence

The second edition of Women in Wine and Spirits Awards (WINWSA), the seminal awards created to recognize aspiring women in global beverage industry, has announced its much anticipated “50 List of Influence” for the year 2021.

The finalists are selected based on four criteria, which are insightfulness and professional accomplishment, impact, contribution and vision. “The judging process was steered through scoring by authoritative judging panel to select the influential female professionals through four judging criteria,” the organizer explains.

The Mirabeau Team is incredibly proud to see Jeany Cronk, our co-founder, included in this list of winemakers, master blenders, educators, wine writers, journalists, sommeliers, entrepreneurs and all the inspiring women shaping the wine and spirits industry today!