Is wine in a can any good?

While there are plenty of reasons you might thumb your nose at drinking wine out of a can, this new packaging craze can be great for beach parties, barbeques, outdoor concerts, camping trips or anytime you don’t want the hassle of glass bottles, corkscrews and finding the right glassware. Just like bottled wines and beers, there are all sorts of canned wine.

There’s no particular reason that wine produced for a can would be any different than a wine produced for a bottle. “The quality of canned wine is definitely improving,” Lozoff of Lila Wines says, explaining it’s no longer a novelty. So, to survive in the market, he says, wineries must keep improving their wines. “The quality of the product has got to be better because people’s expectations are getting higher. The same sort of thing happened with craft beer.”

Courtesy of | Photographer Jackson Ruckar

Great to pretend you’re on the coast of France: Pure Provence by Mirabeau ($5.49 / 250ml can) Another Whole Foods find, this “canette” of rosé lives up to its name. This was a nice surprise in our lineup, as it tasted very typical of a Provincial rosé: a dry wine reminiscent of the famous seaside sun-drenched region it hails from.

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