My glass runneth over with rosé

Today, few people would argue with the view that the rosés of Provence set the world’s standard for the third colour of wine – pale and dry with matching acidity and minerality. Refreshing, thirsty and quaffable, Susan Manfull rounds up the best of the bunch.

Maison Mirabeau Pure Rosé is very familiar to me and I recognized it immediately. A blend of Grenache and Syrah,  it hails from Côtes de Provence and is one of my favorite rosés. This 2015, like its predecessors, has a very pale pink color with a nose suggesting strawberries and, as its name suggests, a pure freshness. Red berries on the palate balanced by a pleasant acidity, it has a crisp elegance. It has some structure and is interesting as well as easy and way-too-enjoyable to drink. I could serve it all summer. (About $20.00)

Susan Manfull, Provence WineZine
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