10 Rosés We’ll Be Sipping All Day, All Summer

Provence rosé is not to be confused with the sweet ‘blush wine’ category enjoyed by your elder aunties in years past, today’s rosé wines are bright, crisp, refreshing and dry… Sarah Tracey, contributor to Martha Stewart, shares her best pick of rosé wines for 2016.

“Provence is probably the most famous region for producing great roses, and one sip of this bottle demonstrates precisely why that is: they are delicate, dry, and filled with floral and herbal aromas (what the French call garrigue, the unforgettable scent of the low-growing brush of Provence filled with lavender, rosemary and sage). The Mirabeau ‘Pure’ rose is lovely, subtle, and elegant, and a classic example of everything a Provence rose can be. Pair this with a simple spread of melon and prosciutto. “

Saray Tracy, Martha Stewart