BBC GoodFood: Best Rosé Wine – Taste Tested

Rosé is currently the most fashionable wine you can drink. It has to be a very particular kind of rosé, mind; the colour should be what is known as onion skin, sometimes so pale it’s barely a pink at all, and it absolutely has to be from Provence. The Provençal style of rosé is now copied all over the world. The beautiful colour comes from very gently pressing red grapes so that only a tiny bit of colour, and indeed flavour, from the skins gets into the wine. Happily, it doesn’t all have to taste the same: a Greek rosé made in this way will taste very different from a southern French one.

Henry Jeffreys, BBC GoodFood

Mirabeau Pure Côtes de Provence 2021

Best to drink by the pool

From one of the biggest names in the Provence rosé world, this is a textbook example of style. There’s stone fruit on the nose and then an explosion of peachy notes on the palate with a long creamy finish. Utterly irresistible, especially if you’re lucky enough to be by the pool.

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