Our Rosé Gin was inspired by the abundance of botanicals growing wild on our wine estate near Saint Tropez and living in an area steeped in the history of world-famous perfume trade, we set out on a new journey to create a truly unique and original gin

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Rosé Negroni


35ml Mirabeau Dry Rosé Gin | 35ml Vault x Mirabeau Rosé Vermouth | 15ml Bitters

The secret of a great Negroni is in the ice. Make sure you have plenty in a rocks glass and then add the Gin, Vermouth and Bitters. Give it a gentle stir just to start the ice melting and diluting to your preferred taste. Take a long peel of orange zest, wipe it around the rim of the glass and pinch the peel over the drink just to express a little oil. Perfection.

Raspberry Martini


60ml Mirabeau Dry Gin | 15ml Lillet Blanc | 10ml Chambord Raspberry Liqueur

Shake all together in an ice filled cocktail shaker the strain into a Martini Glass. Cheers!

Petit Dry Rosé Gin and Twilly Gift Set


In celebration of our new Petit Rosé Dry Gin we are delighted to present our limited edition gift set. In collaboration with award-winning franco-japanese artist, Tiffany Bouelle, our 20cl original dry rosé gin has been paired with a custom designed silk twilly inspired by the French Riviera.


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