York Press says Pure is “Exceptionally Elegant”

I got into a conversation about wine the other day; it’s not a rare occurrence for me. It concerned vino and food and how the two go hand in hand. Indeed, in my house anyway, the two are almost inseparable. I rarely drink wine without food, other than when I am tasting.


There are a few occasions where food does not enter the equation though. Aperitifs, like Champagne, at pre-dinner receptions for example.

But mainly I am thinking about sitting in the garden on a balmy summer’s evening – that’s a time to sip a wine on its own!

Of course some wines are eminently more suitable for this purpose than others. As a rule of thumb, I avoid those that are very dry or that have high levels of acidity, as these are more palatable with dinner. Here is one that I think is just right for the job.

Splash out on a subtle and exceptionally elegant Provençal pink. Mirabeau “Pure” 2013, Côtes de Provence, is made using grenache, syrah and vermentino. A very pale rosé, it suggests red summer fruits, strawberries and red cherry, with mineral notes and a lovely freshness. It’s the latest addition to the Mirabeau stable of wines produced by ex-pat Stephen Cronk.

Mike Tipping The Press