To succeed you must first go out and try

In the latest episode of our True Connections Podcast, Alan Hooks is joined by the founder of Maison Mirabeau, Stephen Cronk. As well as sharing how he and his family made his longstanding wine-making dreams a reality, Stephen discusses brand success, working with nature and the power of social media.

Mirabeau, the biggest selling French rosé brand in the UK, was Stephen’s lifelong dream and in this episode he shares how it became a reality. Despite joining the wine trade fresh out of university, it wasn’t until almost two decades later that Stephen took the plunge to uproot his entire life and move to Provence with his family to start the business. 

‘To succeed you must first go out and try’ is Maison Mirabeau founder Stephen Cronk’s message to aspiring entrepreneurs. Visit the full article to listen to the podcast with Alan Hooks.