These 5 Gins Won Me Over in 2021

Last but not least, we come back to this summer’s trip to France. I visited Jeany Cronk at her winery in Provence and talked a lot about rosé wine and gin there. After all, she and her husband are one of the largest rosé suppliers in England. Two years ago they developed their rosé gin with external support.

Peter Jauch, About Drinks

German author of “GIN – Das Buch” Peter Jauch includes Mirabeau’s Dry Rosé Gin in his list of the 5 gins that won him over in 2021, chosen from a selection of more than 100 gins. The other toppers included Citadelle (France), Sipsmith (England), Monkey 47 (Germany), Deux Frères (Switzerland). See the full article in German.