Top Picks for a Summer Picnic

“We have been blessed with plenty of sunshine this Summer – the grass may be drying out and we may be running out of suncream, but nothing will stop us from fleeting to our local park to have a classic picnic. We all do it differently, some come for the laughs, others for the food, but we all gather to get our year’s dose of Vitamin D. Here at The Idle HQ we have put together our top picnic essentials, to keep the crowds happy and the stomach’s satisfied.” see full article

Mirabeau en Provence Frosé Popsicles

In the heat, most of the UK are either reaching for an ice cold alcoholic drink or a classic ice lolly, Maison Mirabeau have taken away the decision-making process and created a frosé popsicles. The frozen popsicles are made from a blend of Classic Mirabeau rosé wine with strawberry essence.  The popsicle mirrors the traditional intense violet-pink hues and lavish aromas from the classic rosé, yet it is even more refreshing, flavoursome – and you definitely do not want stop after one! Read the rest of the article at The Idle Man.