The Buyer: Taking Mirabeau’s premium image to the next stage

Stephen Cronk and the Mirabeau team were in London last month to showcase wines from their 2021 harvest to the UK trade. It was also an opportunity for Cronk to sit and down and reflect on what has been another hectic year with both big successes in terms of sales, distribution and brand building, but also dealing with the impact of the devastating fire that ruined what would have been the second vintage of its estate wine. Cronk also shares why he is so committed to driving regenerative farming practices.

Richard Siddler, The Buyer

It’s not surprising that Stephen Cronk takes a big intake of breath when asked how the last year has gone. On the face of it things could not be better for the Mirabeau brand that he and his wife, Jeany, have painstakingly built up over the last 12 years into one of the most prominent and innovative Provence rosé businesses.

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