The best wines to drink this summer – Mirabeau Pure

Victoria Moore shares her selection of summer wines: crisp, icy whites for balmy evenings, full-bodied reds for the barbecue and a Provence rosé to die for.

One thing that struck me as I put this list together was how many more wines from independent shops I had jostling for a place than wines from supermarkets. If I hadn’t made an effort to include more high street wines, this list might easily have been 25 per cent supermarket, 75 per cent not. This is partly a reflection of the fact that places such as The Wine Society and a host of smaller wine merchants dotted up and down the country now have such great – and great value — wines. It’s partly also because many delicious supermarket wines are overpriced when they are not on promotion, so timing is everything. Still, all those buyers out there are doing a great job. I hope you enjoy the fruits of their work.

One final thing. As the take-up on my Secret List of wines was so enthusiastic at Christmas, I’ve prepared one for this Summer Collection. It will be particularly useful for anyone thinking of placing an order with a new wine merchant for the first time, who wants to spread their risk by choosing a mixed case of recommendations from me rather than buying six bottles of one recommended here. Go to and leave a comment asking for the list to be emailed and I will send it to you. Happy drinking!

“Very pale pink wine that presses all the right buttons.”

Victoria Moore, about our Pure Rosé Wine