Talk Talk: How female winemakers are shaping the way we drink

In a field notoriously dominated by men, more and more women are bursting onto the wine scene, shaping the way we drink and influencing the story behind the bottles served up in restaurants and supermarket shelves.

And while working the land can be punishing – 6am alarm calls, all that picking and pruning, grape-stained hands – on the up side, knocking on the cellar doors and carving out a career as a winemaker has many advantages.

After all, which wine lover doesn’t dream of living in a famous wine region, holding the key to a château surrounded by vineyards, hosting tastings and wine dinners – or simply being more at one with nature, glass in hand?

And with greater opportunities, from studying viticulture and oenology to marketing and sales, in many ways it’s easier than ever to find your feet in the world of wine – and you don’t need to be born into a winemaking family to know your vino.

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To this day, all our oenologists have been female. In many ways, winemaking comes so naturally to women, who have an innate creativity when it comes to assembling wines – it plays to our artistic side. And rosé is a pretty and playful wine, still loved predominantly by women, so lending our palettes to make it seems natural as well.

Jeany Cronk, Mirabeau Wine

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