Mirabeau debuts its first vermouth

Provence wine brand Mirabeau has partnered with Vault Vermouth to create a limited edition expression. Mirabeau has unveiled Rosé Vermouth, described as an ‘aromatic’ apéritif that celebrates botanicals from the south of France. The 17% ABV expression was made using the surplus stock [from events cancelled due to the pandemic] of Mirabeau’s 2019 Vintage Prét-à-Porter cans of rosé.

Nicola Carruthers, The Spirits Business

Mirabeau Co-Founder, Jeany Cronk adds, “Bringing together our joint love for the apéritif culture and Dan’s savoir faire, we are incredibly proud of this stunning liquid wh ich gives our Prét-à-Porter canettes of rosé a second life in style. With the growing trend of the at-home apéritif and the rise of the Negroni, this aromatic vermouth is delicately and perfectly balanced to complement our Mirabeau Dry Rosé Gin.”

The limited edition vermouth is recommended mixed with Mirabeau Rosé Gin to make a Martini or Negroni. It can also be served neat over ice or mixed with tonic water.

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