Jamie Goode scores Mirabeau 86/100

Here’s a great example of how to market wine in the age of social media. Stephen Cronk, a British ex-pat who moved to the region, has done just this by using the internet and social media to tell his story very well. It’s a given that you have to get the wine right to succeed these days – and he’s done this – but it’s also vital to be able to tell an authentic story in ways that people will relate to.

The new digital conversation offers a chance to do this directly. I haven’t seen many producers do this as effectively as Stephen, who in addition to having a superb website has made good use of Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. He’s done well to get the wine listed with high-end UK supermarket Waitrose.

Tasting notes: Attractive packaging. Nicely textured and fresh with appealing cherry fruit. This is bright and crisp but also has some of that Provence texture, subtle sweetness and richness of flavour 86/100.

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Jamie Goode. www.wineanorak.com, June 8th, 2011