Is it Ever Okay to Put Ice in Wine?

On the sun-drenched terraces of the French Riviera, it’s customary to add an ice cube or two to a glass of crisp, salmon-hued Provence rosé. In fact, it’s not unusual to find what’s called a piscine on the menu, a large glass of rosé or white wine served over a generous scoop of ice cubes. What may be custom in one place, however, is far from standard elsewhere, and putting ice cubes in wine is divisive. For some, it’s heresy; for others, a habit, a way to quickly cool down a lukewarm glass of white or rosé wine or add extra chill on a hot day. 

Chrissie MacClatchie, Wine Enthusiast

If you’re going to drink one of our wines with ice, I would recommend Mirabeau Classic, which is a more aromatic and fruit-forward rosé and will cut through at even lower temperatures,” says Jeany Cronk, founder of Maison Mirabeau in Provence. Like everything in wine, it’s a matter of taste. “Our conviction has always been to let people enjoy themselves with rosé wines in the way they like to, so we are never too prescriptive,” says Cronk (read the full article online).