How to throw a socially-distanced garden party

From what to eat to keeping children entertained – finger food is off the menu, but cocktail sticks could make a comeback.” Anna Tyzack on safety-first, al fresco festivities.

Gardens, our private sanctuaries during lockdown, are now our ticket to seeing friends and families. Given that the risk of the virus being transmitted outside is significantly lower than inside, according to government advisers, barbecues now have the green light, albeit for a maximum of six guests from different households, with social distancing in place. There’s even a chance that we will be able to host larger garden parties from next month….

“Without being a killjoy, you have to consider the inevitable consequences of serving alcohol,” agrees van Tulleken. “After people have had a few drinks, they speak more loudly, stand closer to each other and spit more – and the risks of virus transmission go right up. Everyone makes worse decisions when they’ve had a few drinks.”

Chef, food blogger and podcaster Alexandra Dudley serves Mirabeau rosé canettes (£3.50 alongside single serve nibbles, such as hearty bruschetta, sticks and skewers grilled on a barbecue and salads served in jars or mugs.

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Single serve rosé-to-go cans are a great way to enjoy quality rosé in moderation and safety. Santé!