Food/Wine Pairing: Pure with a Spinach and Feta Pie

As featured in the Independent, Pure is my choice of the perfect wine for a scrumptious spinach, wild garlic and feta wrapped up in filo pastry.

“There’s some cracking vegetarian food out there and when it comes to pies there’s nothing more satisfying than spinach, wild garlic and feta wrapped up in a filo pastry. The rich feta works perfectly alongside the garlic and spinach, try sprinkling some parmesan on the filo crust for an extra kick off flavour too.

When it comes to rosé, there’s no better place to look than Provence, the birthplace of this style and home to some of the most incredible French wines available, one of those being Mirabeau Pure. The perfect balance of delicate fruit really compliments the garlic and feta and you can expect to find lychee, vanilla, ripening strawberries and a fresh sea breeze hiding in the bottle. The perfect partner in crime to this delicious vegetarian pie.”

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