Drink pink: the best rosé wines for summer

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Mirabeau Classic Rosé, Côtes de Provence, France 2018 (£11.99 – £8.99 from 17 July-13 August, WaitroseNatural wine may be the most talked-about trend in wine in the past years. But when it comes to hard sales data, perhaps the most remarkable transformation has been the switch to pink. Sales of rosé have grown by 30% globally in the 2010s, during which time the French started drinking more rosé than white, and the British became besotted with a specific French style. Provence is the place that really pushed pastel prettiness into the glasses of previous rosé-sceptics (such as your correspondent). And it remains the rose-gold standard, even as the wines command something of a premium. Offers abound at the height of rosé season, such as Waitrose’s promo on the textbook gentle berry and just-out-the-box freshness of English-run producer Mirabeau.