11 of the best gins to drink in 2020

“Think beyond a Gordon’s and tonic with our favourite drops, from dry London gins to aromatic experiments…” our dry rosé gin is included in the Top 11 gins to drink for 2020

Rachel Fellows, Harpers Bazaar

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London Dry is the UK’s tried and tested style. It absolutely does not have to come from London, or from England at all come to that, but it does have to be dry in the traditional sense of the word – by not containing much sugar. It also cannot have any artificial flavours in it, and the flavours it does have must have been imparted during the redistilling process – no adding in afterwards. These examples are likely to be sharp and clean tasting with more pronounced citrus notes, rather than anything too aromatic.

Mirabeau Dry Rosé Gin

This may be a pink gin but the hue is so pale you’ll barely notice, especially if you’re mixing it. Made by English winemakers known for their Provence rosés, its starting spirit is purely grape-based and there’s a dash of rosé in there too, which lends it a wine-like quality with delicate red-fruit and rosy flavours. Truly sophisticated, it could easily be drunk neat, but if you prefer some dilution then choose a lighter tonic and garnish with a sprig of lavender or rosemary.

£35 / 70cl; 43 per cent ABV