Canoeing, Biking and Hiking with Nature Evasion… and a drop of rosé!

I’m sure most of us can agree that when on holiday, there isn’t much better than lounging by the pool all day with a constant flow of rosé wine making it’s way into your glass. And for many, that need never change, however for many others, myself included, the restlessness soon starts to kick in and the need for a day of adventure gets your blood pumping. So in order to help out us energy-filled thrill seekers, off I set into the heart of beautiful Provence to see what I could find… naturally there was a bottle of Mirabeau in my rucksack.

Just 10 minutes down the road from Cotignac is the charming village of Carcès, home to the stunning Lac de Carcès. The views are simply breathtaking and you don’t find many more romantic spots to watch a sunset in the area. But today I wasn’t after of romance, I wanted adventure, so continuing on through the village, 5 minutes further along the road you will come across a bright yellow and green canoe with a sign saying ‘New Evasion’.

Nature Evasion (formerly New Evasion) is a company that organises great activities such as canoeing, kayaking, zip lining, biking and VTT (mountain biking) all around Provence. If it is kayaking along the coast of Bandol, biking around the Var or canoeing down the rapids in Carcès, New Evasion allows you to discover the area in a fun way. Canoeing was the activity that caught my eye (I’m too scared of heights for the treetop adventure course) so off I set in my swimming trunks, scruffy t-shirt and cap, and of course with some rosé.

I was driven along with other adventure goers back to Carcès, armed with canoe and paddle, where I was dropped off to start the long, winding journey back along the Argens river. The early stretch of the river is made up of lots of short, fast flowing rapids which make for great fun straight from the off, mixing between gentle, calmer stretches of glassy water. Make the most of the small, pebbled inlets to stop off for a drop of pink and a slice of saucisson before you arrive at the beautiful cataract cascade which might need some dutch courage before tackling the 6ft drop (alternatively you can carry the boat down the path to the right).

Depending on your chosen length, you will soon arrive at the end of your watery adventure, but if you haven’t capsized already make sure you enjoy a quick dip before being picked up once again by the Nature Evasion team. It makes for a great day out with family and friends of all ages.

The staff are very friendly and will explain all you need to know in both english or french. Moreover, if you want to spend the day doing a variety of activities either by the coast or in the centre of the Var it is possible to mix and match to meet your needs. For example hiking along the coast in the morning, kayaking in the turquoise Med for the afternoon, but most importantly sipping rosé under the provencal sun in the evening makes for the perfect grand day out.

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