Pure and Classic – this year’s tasting notes

While we aim to stick to a recognisable style and constantly search for every tiny winemaking improvement, there are of course certain aspects that are unique to every vintage.  This is after all a natural product and while we try and select to blend to a familiar style, part of of the nice aspect of wine is that it does vary a little from year to year.  So here’s what we found for the vintage of 2016:

Mirabeau Classic

With its delectable raspberry pink hues and intense aromas, expressive red berry fruit remains the essence of this rosé. Mirabeau Classic has a beautiful concentration, with strawberry and raspberry flavours taking centre stage, balanced by fresh acidity and leading to a sumptuous finish with notes of redcurrant. A perfect aperitif for an alfresco moment, it’s also great with flavoursome food, or drink it as we do in Provence, anytime and with almost anything!

Mirabeau Pure

An ethereal pale pink colour with silver reflections, this wine has the allure of a pure summer breeze. A complex rosé, with a pronounced mineral structure it’s characterised by elegant notes of wild strawberry, citrus, white flowers and a hint of lychee. Mirabeau Pure is refreshing and refined with a lingering, beautiful finish that will prolong the aromatic pleasures. The perfect bottle for any occasion that calls for something a little special or as a gastronomic partner to good food.

So give the new vintage a try when you get the chance and let us know what you think, and thanks a million for your continued support!

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