Pizza Workshop with Richard Bertinet

We’re thrilled that Pascal, our Domaine Estate Manager, installed the Gozney pizza oven this month. To christen it being up and running, we invited the acclaimed baker Richard Bertinet and good Mirabeau friend, over for a pizza workshop.

Richard is originally from Brittany in north-west France, but moved to the UK in the 80s, and now owns and runs a cookery school in Bath in the UK; The Bertinet Kitchen. Richard spends a lot of time in Provence, at a house just 15 minutes from Domaine Mirabeau, so we took the opportunity to invite Richard, Jo and their children over.

Stephen, Jeany and some of the Mirabeau team had a great time learning from Richard, and asking questions about their own sourdoughs, their baking quibbles, and favourite Bertinet recipes. Richard cooked a fougasse, lots of mini pizzas, and a sweet pizza with gooseberries, brown sugar, and lots of butter that was divine!

A really fun day, and we look forward to trying out lots of other recipes over the Summer. If you want to try out some of Richard’s recipes, check out his latest book ‘Crumb; Show the Dough Who’s Boss’ (We love the title!)

Thank you Richard!

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