Distilling Mirabeau Rosé Gin

Our ‘Ginius’ Alex Ignatieff explains the process of making our superbly delicous, aromatic pink gin.

A Big Still to Make Small Batches

Distillation takes place in our beautiful, traditional 25hL copper still, Lily Fleur. We introduce heat through a closed steam blanket that wraps her bottom third and gives us complete control over the speed of distillation.

Flavour in Two Stages

Firstly, we macerate our seven core botanicals for twenty-four hours. This done, five more delicate botanicals are suspended in a basket above the macerate and add their touch as the distilling vapours pass through the basket during the distillation process.

Maceration takes place in our grape based neutral spirit. We follow the rules for production of a London Dry Gin that insists this spirit be at least 96% – ours is 96.3%. This we dilute to 70% before adding our seven core botanicals to soak for twenty-four hours. This final blend is diluted to 50% giving us around 770 litres ready to be distilled.

Distillation takes some five hours. During this time distilling vapours pass through the suspended basket of our final five delicate botanicals putting the finishing touches to our flavour profile.

Heads, Tails and Hearts

Not all that is distilled is beautiful! The first vapours to re-condense are too volatile and flighty to use. These are called the Heads and are kept aside to recycle. The last vapours bring flavours that are too heavy for us. These are called the Tails and again are set aside to recycle. The middle core, called the Hearts, is our Gin. This comes out at some 73.4%, again complying with the rules for a London Dry.

Over the long process of fine-tuning our recipe we found that doubling up on our recipe of botanicals and then rediluting our finished distillate gives us a smoother finished Gin. Once this is complete, each batch yields us about 1500 litres of beautifully dry, Mirabeau Rosé Gin at 43%.

We recommend serving with Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic. This highlights the herbal element and keeps our beautiful Rosé colour.

Maybe it takes years of tasting to truly appreciate, but each batch is soft enough to be tried neat as a sipping gin. Or for more festive occasions the diverse combination of herbal, floral and citrus flavours make it a great base for cocktails. In the end it’s up to you – let us know your favourite!

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