Decanter: 15 great value rosé choices

« A selection of affordable rosé picks to enjoy in the sunshine from our experts. » Complied by the Decanter editorial team, the recommendations include all tastes and styles, and includes our Forever Summer and Prêt-a-Porter (canettes) rosé wines.

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« This is aptly named, tasting like a summer dessert, full of succulent strawberries and delicate cream flavours. It’s refreshing and highly drinkable with hints of citrus on the palate and a subtle spicy edge on the finish. Forever Summer is the first lower alcohol wine in Mirabeau’s range, having had…  » 89 points

« An innovative product from the Mirabeau team: its Prêt à Porter can. This has a lovely red berry fruit flavour, ripe cherries, raspberries and wild strawberries, alongside hints of grapefruit and apricot. Refreshing and tasty, it makes a great alfresco option for picnics, beach trips or sipping by the pool… » 88 points

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