Rosé Gin Revealed During Waitrose Drinks Festival

Our team has been working on this project for a year, and it all began with a sample of grape alcohol extracted from making our Summer rosé, which was simply inspiring and we knew we had to do something special with it!

‘Gin Alex’ joined our team, bringing years of experience in distillation. It took 50 different experiments to choose this specific recipe for making our delicate, aromatic, Rosé Gin.

As our gin will be launched at Waitrose in January 2020, we decided to reveal it to an unsuspecting audience who had signed up for the “Mirabeau Story” Masterclass during the annual Waitrose Drinks Festival.

At the same time, we revealed its arrival through social media, and are delighted that it’s been received so warmly. Jeany’s bottle design proved a great hit, and we can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of it when they taste it themselves! And to hear what everyone’s favourite serving is (on ice, with Vermouth, with aromatic tonic water, … ). Let us know!

Upstairs from the Masterclass, we really enjoyed welcoming new visitors and returning friends to our rosé stand, where our Classic, Pure and sparkling La Folie rosés could be tasted, and more learned about Mirabeau. The oldest Cronkie, Josephine, enjoyed getting a spitoon lesson from Waitrose Wine Buyer and Master of Wine, Becky Hull.

Thanks so much to everyone who attended, we really appreciate your support!

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