The Buyer: How Stephen Cronk’s winemaking dream came true with Mirabeau

Stephen Cronk’s dream to make wine in Provence took a long time to come true. Eleven years and a whole different career in telecoms passed by before eventually he, and his wife Jeany, plucked up the courage to actually make happen what they had spent over a decade craving to do. But it was a time well spent as it gave the Cronks the time, the experience and the knowledge to start and then grow what has gone on to become the global success of Mirabeau. A business based on the concept of creating a Provence wine brand that embodies the nature and viticultural values of the region, but also captures the iconic imagery and lifestyle of the south of France. As they introduce the first wine grown on their own estate – La Réserve – Stephen Cronk sits down with

Richard Siddle, The Buyer

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If you could bottle Stephen Cronk you would have a very successful brand indeed. Which, in a sense, is what Mirabeau is. This is not a brand named after four generations of winemakers, or manufactured by a strategy team at major multinational. It is a brand that embodies the personalities of Stephen and Jeany Cronk and everything they believe in.

Richard Siddle, The Buyer

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